There are some things that go without saying that should nonetheless be said early and often. One such thing is: An integrated and coordinated communications strategy is essential to every institution and organization that seeks to build and sustain relationships with its constituents.

eAdvancement surveys consistently show that those who are most informed about the institution and the positive things it is doing are the most likely to appreciate why it deserves their goodwill, involvement, and support…and are therefore the most likely to actually give their goodwill, involvement, and support. So effective communications are in the interest of the institution – and should be seen as essential for all constituents, rather than as a perk to donors, members, or others who are already onboard. Too often, however, the lack of an integrated advancement office creates a patchwork of communications efforts that confuse, mislead, and even alienate constituents. And like it or not, your communications symbolize your regard for the people with whom you are communicating.

eAdvancement strives to help clients develop communication and marketing strategies that take alumni and other constituents to the heart of their institution. It is not a journey without challenges – especially as the channels of communication evolve and proliferate, as online and digital technologies are added to the mix with print and other traditional channels.