About Us

We are a select consortium of independent consultants providing strategic guidance across all of advancement. We are dedicated to helping institutions develop strong constituent relations in order to advance their mission. We represent expertise in each of the three advancement disciplines — alumni and constituent relations, communications and fundraising.

What we have in common is our past experience as advancement professionals dealing with the same challenges our clients face. As full time consultants over the past dozen years, we have worked with a multitude of diverse clients. The central theme of our work is our desire to help clients create the best possible advancement program for their institution.

We have no central office, we have no expensive infrastructure, no bureaucracy, and no overhead costs to be recovered in our fees. Our principals live across the country, and we are able to focus with impact on assignments at institutions throughout the world.

The diversity of our client list underscores our ability to assist institutions of all types in their advancement challenges. From young institutions to those that are hundreds of years old; from large, decentralized, independent alumni associations at public universities to tiny dependent college models; from four-year institutions to community colleges – all sizes and shapes, all uniquely part of an international system of higher education with its plethora of  opportunities and challenges.


What Makes Us Different

In our careers as advancement professionals, we noted that institutions often tried to solve problems in one advancement discipline without regard to the other disciplines. It became clear, for instance, that fundraising problems often have roots in alumni/constituent relations, and that constituent relations issues frequently can be traced to attitudes developed as a result of an ineffective communications effort.

Committed to an integrated approach to the three disciplines of advancement, we formed eAdvancement in the spring of 2000. We are dedicated to helping build strength in fundraising, constituent relations and communications through a comprehensive approach to advancement issues. Indeed, we believe that advancement can only achieve success when the three disciplines are brought together to support the institution. For this reason, we take a comprehensive view in each project undertaken.

Our goal is to help clients solve immediate problems, while building a supportive relationship in which honest and objective feedback is possible no matter how this challenges the status quo. We strive to be innovative, encouraging an entrepreneurial attitude in addressing client challenges.

Increasing alumni participation and support is de facto the driving force for all advancement programs. Progress toward that goal depends on the successful application of certain fundamental principles. The core of our work is to help clients determine how to best apply those principles in the context of their unique institutional history and culture.


Members of the Consortium

Our members have primary expertise in one or more of the three areas of advancement, though each is able to work on projects within the three disciplines. We are committed to keeping the group small, focused and select. View our principal members.

You may contact anyone of us in order to discuss a project that might involve several members of the consortium.